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Helping you to deliver on sustainability

Get your personnalized AI-driven software enabling strategic exploration, simulation and execution tracking.

Efficient decision-making processes around any sustainable innovation effort requires browsing massive amounts of data, mapping complex networks of relationships between science, ecosystems of solutions, investors, stakeholders, IP, regulatory environments, financial constraints, all these items quickly evolving in a fast-changing world.

To optimize the chances of success and the return on efforts and investments, Alterference combines AI and human expertise to deliver a tailored AI-driven software allowing to map ecosystems, to browse viable solutions and to simulate outcomes of potential decisions, with the possibility of asking the AI to propose scenarios optimized for the constraints you set.


Over 20,000 solutions

128,000 scientific papers

280 digital TWINS


20,000 companies in our solution graph, enabling finding and composing products.

All IPCC reports and scientific papers made actionable to optimize impact and credits.

280 digital twins of interdependent

 industrial and natural processes available to simulate results.

Each solution ecosystem is uniquely tailored to its goal and environment, adapted to its unique specificities.

Alterference enables 



Long-term growth requires selecting, combining and integrating multiple interdependent  sustainable innovations. Alterference simulates industrial processes to bundle innovations and drive integration, optimizing value creation and sustainability



Addressing any sustainability challenge requires the combination of multiple innovations. Alterference allows designing meaningful ecosystems, structured as a single supplier able to jointly address the challenge, with predictable, de-risked deliverables and cost



Alterference accelerates the growth of selected startups by identifying and orchestrating co-scaling opportunities, enabling deals between solution providers, customers and investors in focused efforts to solve key environmental and social challenges at scale.



Alterference enables exploring the most promising  investments  opportunities, combining a database of more than 20,000 companies  with market maturity, 

simulation of industrial processes and integration of latest environmental expertise


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